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Commercial Property Insurance

When launching a business, commercial property insurance is one of the first types of insurance you should look into. It helps protects you and your business from the risk of the property being lost, stolen or damaged.

Commercial property insurance policies, sometimes called business property insurance, protects your property, as well as inventory or assets, against loss or damage caused by theft, an accident or some other means. This type of insurance protects you even if the property is away from your place of business when it is damaged or lost.

It covers your costs to replace or repair the property, and in some instances, compensates you for items that cannot be replaced. A basic commercial property policy protects your investment in fixtures, furniture, office equipment, inventory and the supplies that you store either at your business location or off-site.

Property insurance policies come in two basic forms:

  • All risk policies: cover a wide-range of incidents and perils except those noted in the policy. All risk policies generally cover risks faced by t he average small business.
  • Peril-specific policies: cover losses form only those perils listed in the policy. Peril –specific policies are usually purchased when there is high risk of peril in a certain area.

Call LP Insurance today, so we can meet to determine the business property insurance that is best suited for your business - no matter the size.

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